Aether drops

Water is the medium of life and has an intense relationship with the life forces. In the research at the Institut ArteNova we were able to show in several projects that water can absorb, store and then release the effects of eurythmic gestures. For example, cress plants that received water with different eurythmic treatments grew for different lengths as a result. Also in the research on formative forces, treated water could be distinguished from untreated water and even the individual qualities of the eurythmic gestures were found.

We would like to give all interested people the opportunity to receive the effects of eurythmic treatments through water. For this purpose we have treated mountain water with different series of eurythmic gestures. You can find out which gestures were treated with by entering the code on the bottle here:

For the first treatments, the codes are as follows:

Lebensenergie: lk-01
Harmonie: ha-01


Hier bitte den Code von der Flasche eingeben, z.B. lk-01


In the future we will repeatedly offer treated water with different qualities.
If you are interested in a water treated individually for you, please contact us by e-mail.