Eurythmy massage is a therapeutic method based on the art of eurythmy developed by Rudolf Steiner. Eurythmy is an art of movement that develops perception, sensation and creative power in one's own body and in the surrounding environment and expresses this experience in artistic movements.

In Eurythmy Massage the differentiated qualities of the sound gestures are applied eurythmically first with and later without touch.

In eurythmy, the comprehensive variety of life energy (etheric forces) is differentiated in the sounds of the alphabet and deepened experientially and creatively through the inner color movement. Both happens through the eurythmic gestures given to the sounds. In this way, in Eurythmy Massage, individual qualities can be specifically perceived in a kind of eurythmy inventory and then an individual treatment can be specifically developed in an artistic process.

Eurythmy Massage, as an artistic massage, offers in particular an ideal instrument both for finding tensions and blockages and for the corresponding loosening, releasing and harmonizing treatments.

Experience to date has shown that eurythmy massage is particularly effective for ailments in which the vital forces are congested or withdrawn from the body.

According to the anthroposophical view of man, the lower members of the human being are guided by the higher ones. Eurythmy Massage offers effective help for problems where this guidance needs support, for example when the soul has been weakened by biographical incisions.

The application of Eurythmy Massage goes in several stages. It begins with a conversation about the particular situation, in which the complaints are looked at and the treatment is agreed upon. The patient is then treated with the Eurythmy Massage, which may be received passively at first. Gradually, the sounds are to be more and more inwardly followed and thus, through one's own activity, the self-healing power is to be stimulated and trained.

The goal is the autonomous treatment by the affected person himself. In the inner movement of the sound qualities, problem areas can be perceived and treated by oneself.

In this way, the Eurythmy Massage leads from a trusting acceptance of help to an independent, responsible, and free-spirited shaping of one's own organism.

Depending on the severity of the ailments, the eurythmy massage is applied in different intensities.

At the first level, it serves to relieve everyday tensions, which are not to be classified as symptoms of illness, but rather as discomfort. The treatment at this level can be performed by the treated person after an introduction.

The eurythmy company offers training in Eurythmy Massage.

The training takes place in three stages:

The basic condition of Eurythmy Massage is the grasping of one's own instrument, especially the physical body. For this purpose special exercises have been developed, e.g. the warming-up, which are learned in the training.
In the practice and differentiated exercise of the eurythmic color movements, the tools of Eurythmy Massage are developed. These become the basis of individual artistic handling.
The learning of the massage for the transfer of the etheric sound forces to the counterpart in the seven steps of the Eurythmy Massage Method, developed by Tanja Baumgartner, forms the basis for the dialogue between the person treating, the being of the eurythmic sound and the person being treated.

In the training the basic elements of the Eurythmy Massage are learned. On this basis, the individual further development of the method into practical application is encouraged. The individual handling and further development of the massage method is the responsibility of the participants.

For this purpose, follow-up seminars are offered at various locations.


Information about the training can be found here.