Eurythmy Basic Training


The Eurythmy Basic Training is addressed to people who are interested in getting to know eurythmy for inner orientation and strengthening in practical everyday life. The aim is to come more and more to a conscious grasp of one’s own physical instrument, one’s own etheric and spiritual through the I through lively experiences and experiences. It is impressive to experience how versatile and comprehensive Rudolf Steiner has created eurythmy. It is a great concern of mine to introduce each subject in a joyful, playful and individually applicable way. Thus we have many ingenious tools at our hands to find our own way in our everyday life through self-training and development.

  • Exercises with objects: Balls, spheres, sticks, scarves and flags
  • Aether-Egg: warming-up, warming-down and warming-through with music from CD-player
  • Vowels, consonants, evolutionary row, ABC
  • Flower and bud, color eurythmy
  • Approach to tone eurythmy and sound eurythmy
  • Basic exercises: I-A-O, Hallelujah, “Light streams upward …”, three-parted walking …
  • the three space dimensions, room forms
  • the four elements in nature
  • Zodiac, planets, world views
  • Introduction to Eurythmy Massage

Actually there is no Eurythmy Basic Training. Since the focus is currently on Eurythmy Massage Training, no new training is currently planned. However, if there is interest, a new training course can be set up at any time.

If you are interested, please contact us.