New Eurythmy Massage training from January 2022 in Eckernförde

Part-time training in 20 weekend modules

Eurythmy Massage is an artistic method newly developed by me, based on the application of sound-etheric forces to the physical body of the person concerned. The artistic aspect lies in the fact that the reference to the sound effect is first stimulated by the person performing the eurythmy and then, in the further development, can be grasped by the person himself.

The training takes place in three stages:

1. The basic requirement of Eurythmy Massage is to learn how to use one’s own instrument, especially the physical body. For this purpose, special series of exercises have been developed, e.g. the “warming – up”, which are learned in the training.

2. In the training and differentiated practice of the eurythmic color movements, the tools of Eurythmy Massage are developed. These become the basis for individual handling.

3. Learning the method of transferring the etheric sound forces to the counterpart in the seven steps of the Eurythmy Massage Method forms the basis for the dialogue between the transferring person, the sound being and the receiving person.

In the training the basic elements of Eurythmy Massage are learned. On this basis, the further individual development of the method into practical application is stimulated.